Reading is a Superpower.

Help your students harness that superpower with Graphic Novels. With their epic storylines and gripping artworks, reluctant and struggling readers get pulled right in. English language learners will also find that their reading skills improve when text and graphics work together to tell the story side by side.

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Graphic Novels have a well-deserved place in today's classrooms and libraries. The content for this catalog has been carefully selected by our professional, content resource team and we're confident you'll find many great selections to add to your libraries. Whether you are a teacher, educator or reading specialist seeking to incorporate graphic novels into the classroom or a librarian looking to build a collection, we specialize in finding the right mix of materials to meet each school's unique needs.

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Featured titles for this month:

A Tale Dark & Grimm


Author: Mary Shelley

The classic tale, Frankenstein, is reanimated in this graphic novel. The text and illustrations are "PG" rated and a great classic for middle and high school students. Share the story of one man's quest to discover the secrets of life and death; society's reacting in fear and violence; and the ultimate destruction of everyone Frankenstein loves.

A Tangle of Knots

TimeFlyz Volume 3: Berlin Breakout

Author: Ben Avery

The TimeFlyz travel to 1938 Germany to protect a Jewish physicist from the Nazis. This action packed graphic novel has the team working to avoid Darchon's trap while riding the rails to freedom in the Netherlands. Will they survive or be destroyed with the train.

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Graphic novels



Research studies, awards and the first hand reports of librarians and educators show why comics and graphic novels are capturing attention. They have the ability to engage readers in ways that support both literacy skill development and the acquisition of content knowledge.



All students can gain something from graphic novels but they've shown to motivate and inspire reluctant and struggling readers, English language learners and special education students.



You can use graphic novels in your library and/or classroom to:

  • Differentiate instruction and motivate students to read and explore
    through a visually engaging and action-oriented format.
  • Expose students to a wide range of genres, subjects, issues and topics.
  • Teach literary elements such as setting, plot, character, point of view and foreshadowing.
  • Help students develop critical thinking and writing skills.

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